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Erasmus+ | Hrvatsko katoličko sveučilište

O projektu 

Our project will focus on improving students long term physical and mental health through developing enthusiasm and motivation for taking an active part in sport and outdoor games. This is our focus because as technology has developed our children increasingly communicating with each other
through a digital media. This has led to many children wanting to spend their leisure time in front of technological devices instead of playing outside and making real-life friendships. This can have a negative influence upon their physical and mental health. This project aims to promote the advantages of outdoor games and sports and to encourage our children to play these games outside.
Our project addresses these issues for pupils between the ages of 5-14.

Due to a coronavirus pandemic are activities are postponed. We will hang out with our partners virtually until situation improves.

This is our project logo, it was selected with the most votes by students from all participating countries.

In April, we received the first taks for Erasmus + project in which we had to explore where, how, with what, with whom and what games our grandparents played. Since the 4th grade from PS Vranovci is familiar with the folklore games and dances of our homeland because they are almost all members of the folklore group, it was an interesting task for us. By agreement, we chose the most interesting games; "Kings, give me an army", "I'm grinding, I'm grinding scissors", "Two grandmothers were driving", "Fuzguz", "Battle of the capons", "Hunting on the canal", and "Worms, ants".

After rehearsing them, we agreed to dress in tradicional costumes and record every game outside, in the yard of our student Ema Drčelić. The students briefly described how we were dressed and what games we played. After a lengthy shoot, our parents prepared us a snack that we fully deserved.



Teachers of the Bogoslav Šulek elementary school, Inga Lipovac, Melita Jagodić, Nada Vardić and Davorin Rupčić, went to Slovakia for the first mobility, as part of the project "Supporting positive mental health trough outdoor games and sports" . The aim of the project is to improve the long-term physical and mental health of students through the development of enthusiasm and motivation for the active participation in sports and outdoor games. We are witnesses of students spending more and more time in digital reality, which can negatively affect their physical and mental health. We promoted the benefits of outdoor games and sports and participated with hosts and other participants from Turkey, the UK, and through zoom, with partners from Italy and Germany in school activities and outdoor field classes. On the first day, we all presented our country, city and school, talked about our country's educational system and exchanged experiences. The hosts took us through the school classrooms, while each class prepared a warm welcome. The school has about two hundred students, twelve students per class, and within the school there are two kindergarten groups aged three to six. They are equipped with all didactic and methodological materials and modern technology. Outdoor courts for all sports have been arranged, and inside the school they have one space equipped with a wall for practicing rock climbing. Their school is located in the small picturesque town of Habovka, which is surrounded by the High Tatras, so climbing is one part of their field sports activities. We participated in field classes at one of the ski resorts, where their students attend the Ski School. We also visited the outdoor pools where they have organized a swimming school as part of the fieldwork, a visit to one of the caves in the area. A tour of the Orava Castle and the Orava Open-Air Museum were included. Zuberec, Žilinsky kraj, Habovka in Slovakia impressed us, and their ancient culture, art, architecture, traditional Slovak cuisine ... we came back enriched with new ideas, knowledge and experience.



At the session of the Teachers' Council, teacher Nada Vardić presented mobility to Slovakia and shared her experiences with teachers.






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